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  • cajun mac and cheese

    Cajun – Mac & Cheese

    A portion of creamy macaroni and cheese with a nice kick thanks to andouille sausage, spicy cheese, and Cajun seasoning. The creamy, cheesy pasta is the perfect partner for the spicy sausage.

  • cajun jambalaya

    Cajun Jambalaya

    Cajun jambalaya, which is characteristic of southwest Louisiana and has no tomatoes, is the love child of risotto and paella. The creaminess of the rice is similar to that of a well-made risotto, while the shrimp, andouille and chicken combination are reminiscent of paella.

  • casserole

    Seafood Casserole

    A delicious seafood casserole for family and entertaining.

  • Shepherds Pot Pie

    Shepherd’s pie is a classic comfort food recipe that’s healthy, hearty, and filling. The bottom layer is a simple mix of ground beef and vegetables, simmered into a delicious savory sauce.

  • shrimp scampi meal

    Shrimp Scampi

    This shrimp scampi is perfect for a weeknight dinner yet exciting enough for entertaining guests on the weekend. A simple dish made with a handful of flavorful ingredients that all come together and compliment each other perfectly.

  • Chicken breast with stuffed lobster

    Stuffed Chicken Breast – Lobster

    A tender chicken breast stuffed with fresh lobster and spices to deliver an unforgettable flavor.

  • chicken stuffed with spinach, ricotta and feta cheese

    Stuffed Chicken Breast – Spinach and Cheeses

    This insanely delicious, insanely healthy ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breast suddenly becomes a delivery vehicle for flavors limited only by your imagination. Fresh garlic-tinged spinach and creamy ricotta and feta cheese blend seamlessly together to give the chicken just the flavor boost it needs.

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