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  • Argentine Red Shrimp

    Argentine Red Shrimp are a wild shrimp caught off of the coast of Argentina.  These shrimp have a very sweet flavor to them that most would compare to the flavor and texture of lobster, and a bright red color that enhances once they are cooked!

    Available peeled and deveined in 1 pound bags.  21/25 count per pound.

    $16.99 per pound

  • keywest pink shrimp

    Shrimp – Key West Pinks

    Like most shrimp that turn pink after cooking, Key West Pink Shrimp are a beautiful pink color and turn opaque after cooking.

    Available in:

    31/35 count Peeled and Deveined.  $14.99/lb

    26/30 count Peeled and Deveined.  $17.99/lb

    21/25 count Shell on.  $19.99/lb

    Sold by the pound.

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