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  • chicken-apple

    Chicken Apple Sausage

    Our Chicken Apple sausage is a little sweet from the apple, but still salty and savory. It’s a chewy, sausage texture and is great pan-seared.

    Made with natural ABF chicken in 3 oz. links (12 oz. package).

  • chicken-basil

    Chicken Basil Sausage

    A freshly cooked Italian chicken sausage is just as good as its pork counterpart when seasoned with basil and other herbs that make them widely favored amongst sausage fanatics.

    Available in 3 oz. links in a 12 oz. package.

  • chorizo

    Chorizo Picante Sausage

    Chorizo Picante Recipe, Spanish style fresh pork chorizo made with premium Vande Rose Farms natural Duroc pork, 3 oz link, 4/pk.

  • half-smoke

    Half Smoke Sausage

    Our Half smoke recipe is a blend of beef and pork sausage without the added nitrites, except for those naturally occurring in celery powder.

    3.5 oz. per link in a 14 oz. package.

  • lamb-merguez

    Lamb Merguez Sausage

    Our delicious, spicy lamb merguez with fennel and mint in lamb casings has a nice “kick” of heat to its flavor. It comes in 3 oz. link, 4 links per package.

  • maple-sage

    Maple Sage Sausage

    These sweet and savory maple sage sausage patties are SO flavorful! The sweet maple flavor shines through and the sage adds a savory earthy flavor to the meat. Those two ingredients combined with a blend of seasonings makes for meat that tastes like a treat!

    2 oz. links in a 10 oz. package.

  • mediterranean lamb sausage

    Mediterranean Lamb Sausage

    All-natural lamb seasoned with garlic, shallots, and cilantro. We don’t use any black or white pepper in this recipe, so it has tons of flavor and zero heat.

  • pastrami

    Pastrami Sausage

    Pastrami Dog – our pastrami recipe in a smoked, all-beef sausage, 3 oz. per link, 12 oz. package.

  • raging-brat

    Raging Brat Sausage

    Raging Brat made with Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA along with premium Vande Rose Farms natural Duroc pork, 3.5 oz. link, 4 links in a 14 oz. package.

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